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We have a dedicated section setup on the TotalXBMC forum where you can get all the help and support you need, we even have a feature request section in there too. Your questions will be answered by members of the team behind OnTapp.TV so you’ll get the best advice possible.

If you need to contact us regarding a payment issue that you don’t want aired in public please contact us via the contact form. Please be aware that this is strictly for payment/subscription issues ONLY and any support questions should be directed to the forum where you’ll not only get a speedy and accurate response but your post may well help out others in the community with similar problems. When posting on the forum please give as much detail as possible (device you’re using and also upload a log if possible) so the team can properly diagnose the problems.

Before sending any details please make sure your query hasn’t already been answered, below are two very useful links to check before contacting the team:

Latest Issues / Bugs / Updates           Frequently Asked Questions

OnTapp Setup: Essential Viewing

1) Register / Re-Subscribe

If you haven’t received your email with your unique link for registration please check your junk/spam folder as some email clients (especially Gmail and Hotmail) occasionally mark the email as Spam. For anyone that had previously subscribed via PayPal don’t worry your account is fine and it hasn’t been deleted. Although we switched to the Stripe payment gateway your existing subscription will remain active until the end of it’s term. Once your subscription term has ended you should receive an email from PayPal explaining that the new payment failed to go through, if you wish to continue with the service just re-subscribe using the new Stripe payment gateway (you can still use your original username/password).


2) Installation & Initial Settings

First of all please install Total Installer which you can do by following this guide. Once that step is complete follow this video guide on how to install On-Tapp and how to setup the initial settings. Please make sure you don’t forget to add your email address in the maintenance tab. If you get an error code full details of what they mean can be found here.


3) Linking Streams To Channels

Remember On-Tapp.TV do not provide any streams, we offer a solution for seamless XBMC integration of third party addons into an EPG and are are in no way associated with any of the addons that supply these streams. The On-Tapp.TV XBMC addon does have official support for some very good addons that provide legal content but we have no official link to the developers so if you encounter any problems with streams not playing please report it to the relevant developer/forum.


4) (Advanced) Linking Multiple Streams To A Channel

A brilliant feature that’s been added to v.2.2.7 of the addon – you can now map multiple streams to one channel. As an example you could click on BBC1 and have a choice of which addon you want to use, this is particularly useful for anyone wanting to link streams from non-supported addons.