Please read the basic points below that explain how the reselling process works.

Getting set up as a reseller:

1. You register and buy a bulk yearly subscription. For example, 10 clients.
This gives you a number of discounted clients that also have a free 7 day trial.

2. You have now bought a ‘sub-admin’ account. With this account, you can add ‘sub-members’.

3. When logged into your ‘sub-admin’ account, you can add your clients as ‘sub-members’.

4. Your login ‘Profile Page’ has been modified so you can control clients’ access.

Setting up your clients:

1. You either register your clients yourself at the ‘Open Registration’ page HERE, or get them to register themselves.

Any email address can be used at this point. Your domain or your client’s individual email.

2. Now your client is registered for free, you have the option to add them to your ‘sub-admin’ account as a ‘sub-member’.

Adding your clients:

1. Log into your reseller account.

2. Click on ‘Edit My Profile’. (Top-right of your browser window).

3. Your modified ‘Profile Page’ will show you some options. See screenshot.

4. Under ‘Submembers’ you will see a list of every free member on the site.
(We will improve this part of the process soon).

5. Select your client from the list and click ‘Save Changes.’

6. Your client has now been added to your ‘sub-member’ group.

7. Your ‘sub-member’ is now added to the subscription you purchased.

8. After you have used up your allocation, you will not be able to add any more clients.