Welcome to the home of On-Tapp.TV

This addon for Kodi will allow you to display a convenient EPG of your favourite channels and then link those channels to many popular  ‘Live Streaming’ video add-ons.

As well as Live TV, On-Tapp.TV also gives you easy ‘one-click’ access to TV Catch-up services, movies, music and much, much more.

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Why do we charge for the listings?

Listings are owned by the content providers and a royalty must be paid if the listings are publicly distributed.
When you subscribe to a TV service such as Sky TV or DIRECTV, the EPG and listings are part of that subscription. And so for us to provide listings legally for Kodi users we must do the same as these companies and pay a royalty.

Each subscription is valid for one location at a time (your household for example) and gives you access to all listings that are available via On-Tapp.TV

On-Tapp.TV DOES NOT stream live TV itself. It links to and triggers other video add-ons that do.